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Westfalia Diagnostic Systems GmbH was founded in 2007 in Duesseldorf, Germany Our company provides medicine- and laboratory equipment, diagnostic-kits, consumables and reagents – geared to eachother and firsthand. Always quality-orientated, Westfalia Diagnostic Systems GmbH cooperates with the worldwide leading manufacturers of medical- and laboratory products. Our company already is well experienced in the fields of Health Care, Environment, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, furthermore in finishing research centers. 

The work-philosophy of our company is based on close customer contacts and labels the target, to fulfill all orders quickest possible and in the highest way of professionalism. Based on pre-consulting and detailed project planning, we can offer a wide ranged service, which takes in account the facilities, work places and also the required technical parameters of the devices. During project-planning we offer our customers a wide range of materials and options for equipment, so that the required products can be arranged within the planned budget. Thereby the quality always remains to be the main fundamental condition. The keypriorities of our work are represented through consulting, qualified and professional installation of the delivered equipment, service-support, staff training and also granting the manufacturers guarantees.

The delivery of the ordered products to the end customer takes place in cooperation with leading transnational forwarder companies, through those we are able to always keep our contract related obligations and to provide our customers satisfying with their ordered products punctual.

We look forward to new contacts and business partners!



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In Arbeit




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Westfalia Diagnostic Systems GmbH

Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 45

58455 Witten, Germany

Tel. +49 (0) 23 02 - 915-125

Fax +49 (0) 23 02 - 915-126

+49 (0) 23 02 - 915-125
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